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Yellow 1


Our main workboat is complimented by our 30’ ferro cement lifting barge, “Yellow 1”, whereby we are the fourth custodians of this mooring specific barge upon the River Yealm.


Powered by an early 20th century Ruston Hornsby diesel engine it has been a stalwart upon the river since 1979. Originally built for mooring work upon the River Yealm by the Hockadays in Membland, it then later past into the hands of long serving local mooring contractors, Mark Wislon and then Tom Longhurst before we took custody. The barge is a regular feature upon the river during Regatta time, where its regularly volunteered to the Regatta Committee as a competitor waiting area.

Since our ownership it has a distinctive make over with company colours, making it easily identifiable when moving about the river.

Yellow 2


River Yealm Mooring services commissioned the construction of their bespoke inspection vessel “Yellow 2” by local boat builder, Phil Carter in 2019 and Lewis Marine of Plymouth.

This craft has proved to be an excellent working platform within the River Yealm for both mooring inspection, vessel recovery and diving services. It possesses on board winches, a generator to power pumping equipment and 360-degree LED flood lighting. It has proved itself during the peak of Storm Dennis in Feb 2020, when our team recovered a 30’ yacht that had broken free and was aground back onto its Kitley mooring, into the hours of darkness.


The large deck area allows for clear examination of mooring chains and provides a safe working environment or diving platform for our team.


Yellow 3


In addition to these vessels we hold a 4.2M Bontwico With in our fleet as a small support boat, this will often be seen helmed by our 12 yr old son Sam upon the river.

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