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Mooring Component Valuation

River Yealm Mooring Services can provide an independent valuation service for the handover and exchange of moorings upon reallocation by the Harbour Authority, utilising our maintenance records and the known component lifespans.


This usually undertaken upon the incoming owner’s inspection, ensuring that the mooring is fit for purpose for their vessel and the next 12 months.


Both parties are supplied with the independent valuation for purposes of transparency and fairness, it is then for them to arbitrate a transaction which is mutually aggregable.

Mooring Components and lifespans


Through experience, consultation with our suppliers and record keeping from over the last 30 years and we have attained average and recommended working lifetime frames for all components of your mooring. This enables us to value the mooring components appropriately on transition of ownership and assists with annual service inspection budgets, when instructed to undertake an inspection you will receive our scope of works which provides greater detail.

Your mooring is broken down and referred to by the following parts;

Base block and block chain, sometimes also referred to as “ground chain” or “thrasher chain”
Nylon riser, this has hawser eyes in each end which will be fitted with metal thimbles (10 Yrs Life Sub Surface)
Pick up chain / pick up rope
Base shackle (if not a cast in block)
Galvanised Riser chain.
Stainless steel swivel (10 Yrs Life Sub Surface.
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