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When returning to your mooring after an extended period away


After an extended period away from your mooring, on return you may feel that your boat is too close to another, or it didn’t seem to sit the same as before. Please note we often receive calls about this at the start of a season when owners are returning to their moorings after having all departed the past season upon different tides.


When returning please remember that the block chain could well be “pulled” out from the block in line with the tide or wind direction that you left upon and potentially depending upon the size of your craft a strong spring tide or consistent wind is required to “reset” it in line with all the others. 


If you have concerns about the position of your moorings, it’s is always best to wait until after these events and view it on a high spring tide to really see where your exact position is.


It is also imperative to note that if you are surrounded by dis similar hulled or draught vessels you may well be affected differently by wind and tide causing potential for close encounters as all moorings when at the extent of their radius have the potential for overlap. We recommend that owners take note of this and adjust accordingly with drogues etc if required.





River Yealm Mooring Services have the pleasure of working with the following local partners;


Phil Carter – Boat building / repair and vessel towing / delivery services Tel 872189 / email


Chris Rhead – Outboard engine and small engine maintenance Tel 872481


Chris George - Outboard engine and small engine maintenance Tel 07970054760 / email


John Williams – Diesel and marine engineer Tel 07966903277 / email


Yealm moorings – Kitley private moorings – Kevin Arscot 07816313330


Mark Wilson – Waterfront and residential construction – 872836


Mike Hockaday – Vessel storage & residential construction – 07866720138


Dan Lewis Marine – Marine engineer - 01752 407921

Lugo Marine - Marine GRP works, Fabrication, Stainless Steel works - Matt Gibb - 07966613322

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